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We work with the largest Caravan insurance company on the Costa Blanca– Catalana Occidente. We recommend Catalana Occidente for a number of reasons, but the factors we feel are most important – level of cover, price and fantastic communication through English speaking staff. Insurance companies in Spain are very different than the UK as they offer a more personalised service with dedicated insurance agents. Our agent Fernando will be on hand to guide you through each Catatalana Occidente insurance policy and find the best insurance policy for you.

There are many insurance companies in and around the area that offer Caravan insurance but Catalana Occidente are one of the few to offer insurance for caravans, mobile homes & park homes that includes cover for awnings (most companies won’t as it isn’t a fixed dwelling) and rental insurance (with public liability included as standard).

Most of us don’t want to be searching around for insurance policies which is why we’ve done the groundwork and found what we believe is the best option for Caravan Insurance in the area. We only partner with companies or services that we use ourselves so you can be rest assured that you’ll get the best service, the best level of cover & the best price through Fernando at Catalana Occidente.

What’s more is that Catalana Occidente will also visit you at your caravan or home to discuss your policy or drop of your cover documents. So, if time’s an issue because you’re on holiday or you’d just prefer the convenience of them going to you, they are more than happy to do this. This is a service that no other agent provides in the Benidorm area and one that we feel is especially important for our clients.

Each Caravan insurance policy can be fully tailored to meet your needs and can include additional fixtures such as sheds and shed contents, decking and garden furniture.

If you’ve got a policy due to expire or are looking to take out a new policy, fill out the contact form and Catalana Occidente will be in touch with his best quote. They speaks your language! They specialise in Caravan insurance cover for English ex-pats so will firstly make contact in English . If you’d prefer to speak in another language just indicate this on the enquiry form.

More Than Just Caravan Insurance..

Catalana Occidente are also specialists in a number of other insurance options at unbeatable prices. Catalana Occidente also offer Car insurance, Household insurance, Commercial insurance, Life Insurance, Funeral plans & Health cover.

Health Insurance In Spain

Car Insurance

Obtaining a car insurance quote in Spain is very different than what we have become used to in the UK. We don’t have a usable web comparison tool that we can use to find the cheapest car insurance quote and we rely on good insurance agents to find us the best deals. Catalana Occidente are not a third party (they’re the actual insurance company) which means that you’re not paying an intermediary and the best prices really are the best prices. Catalana Ocidente offer insurance for all types of vehicle – Car insurance , Motorhome insurance, Van insurance, Motorbike insurance and much more.

Health Insurance

Since the changes regarding entitlement to Spanish national healthcare for those using the EHIC /E111 since Brexit, it’s now even more important to ensure you have sufficient healthcare cover in place when visiting Spain. A standard travel insurance policy is fine for those only coming to Spain for holidays of less than 30 days but for those staying in Spain for a longer period than this, a private health insurance policy could be a great option for those looking for the security and comfort of a private hospital should they become sick or injured whilst in Spain.

Health insurance through Catalana Occidente can be tailored to the individual with the best prices available. An Insurance policy with excess can be a great option form those who rarely have the need to visit the doctors but want peace of mind should they need to. An insurance policy with excess dramatically decreases the insurance premium and requires an excess as low as 20€ per visit.

For those that are considering moving to Spain on a full time basis and looking to apply for residency, you will be required to have proof of private health cover for the first year as part of the application process. With this in mind, Catalana Occidente have put together some fantastic affordable options.

Funeral Plans & Repatriation

It’s not always a subject that people want to talk about but it should always be considered. Having a ‘back up plan’ in place will give peace of mind that if something should happen whilst here in Spain you’re fully covered. Insurance plans are available for those that would prefer to have a funeral in Spain and a repatriation insurance policy is available for those that would prefer to repatriated to their home country. As is always the case with Catalana Occidente, all insurance plans can be fully catered to the individual and our recommended agent- Fernando can talk you through all options.

Life Insurance

If you’re living in Spain and would like to plan for the financial security of yourself or your partner, then a life insurance policy should be considered. It’s not something that most of us consider (or want to consider) but it is definitely an option that gives us all the piece of mind should anything happen along the way. Having a life insurance in place allows us the opportunity to spend our days enjoying the time we have rather rather than worrying what would happen financially to our partner or our children in our absence. They can talk you through all options and give a no-obligation quote for life insurance.

get in touch..

If you’d like a quote for Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Funeral Plans & Repatriation, Life Insurance or any other insurance policy that may be coming up for renewal, fill in the form below and Fernando will be in contact to find you the best insurance quote. To give them the best chance of finding you the best insurance deals try to include as much detail as possible in the additional information section that may be relevant to the insurance policy you require.

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