Benidorm Campsites & Caravan Sites

Benidorm has 9 Campsites – Camping Almafra, Camping Villamar, Camping Villasol, Camping Raco, Camping Benidorm, Camping Benisol, Camping La Torreta, Camping Arena Blanca & Camping Armanello. Each campsite is unique and each one offers something different in terms of facilities and proximity to central Benidorm. We have some of the best Campsites in Spain so making your choice may be harder than you think!


Choosing The Right Campsite In Benidorm

Having choice is a good thing but you’ll need to compare all of the campsites to find the one that suits your needs best. Making sure you choose the right Benidorm campsite should be your number 1 priority if you’re thinking of buying a Caravan in Benidorm as this could be your base for many years to come. The best thing to do is to visit each campsite, compare campsite site fees, speak with the mangement, speak with others staying at the campsite and see if you get the ‘feel’ for the place. Benidorm Campsites are some of the friendliest places to visit so there’ll be no shortage of people wanting a chat and ready to give feedback on what their opinions are of the campsite.





5* star Camping resort situated between Benidorm & Albir





Quiet Campsite with good amenities & close to Benidorm





Modern Campsite close to central Benidorm





Well established Campsite with a great bar





Family friendly Campsite with great outdoor pool





The closest Campsite to Levante Beach Benidorm





Huge mixed nationality Campsite close to Benidorm





Huge Campsite with fantastic facilities





The closest Campsite to central Benidorm




Campsite Locations in Benidorm





Why Choose A Campsite In Benidorm?

Benidorm Campsites are some of the best on the Costa Blanca and this together with the fantastic climate throughout both winter and summer makes us a popular destination for British holidaymakers and retired British ex-pats. The large amount of British Ex-pats on each Campsite ensures that Camping facilities on all of the Benidorm Campsites are unrivalled and generally geared towards Brits in terms of entertainment and facilities. Bars, Restaurants and Supermarkets are within a stones throw of each Campsite so you’ll never get bored or rely on transport to get around. Factor in the amazing Campsite communities and you’ll soon understand the reason why so many British choose a Campsite in Benidorm as their permanent home or holiday home.



Benidorm Campsite Locations

 Most campsites are situated on the outskirts of Benidorm (AKA Campsite corner) and some a little further afield towards the neighbouring holiday resort of Albir. All of them are easily accessible by the number 10 bus from central Benidorm. Getting around is easy and a car is not always neccessary as we have good transport links to the area.



Benidorm Campsite, Caravan Park or Mobile Home Park?

Choosing a Campsite in Benidorm can be difficult because we have so much choice so you’ll need to know exactly what you’re looking for to ensure you get the campsite that suits your needs. All fall under the term of campsite but the theme of the campsite can be different depending on the type of caravan they mostly cater for. As an example: Camping Almafra and Camping Benidorm are mostly considered as residential style mobile home Parks with static caravans / mobile homes and campsites such as Camping Villamar and Camping Raco are consided Touring Caravan Campsites. doesn’t stop there! Even our touring caravan campsites can be mostly occupied by permanent clients (on long term plots) with a touring caravan with fixed awning



Campsite Site Fees

Campsite Site Fees in Benidorm vary from site to site. The average price for an annual plot would be around 4,800€ but there are several factors which can affect how the Campsite calculates the long term price. An allowance of electricity is included in the long term price for some of the Campsites so the long term rate can appear higher. The size of the plot can also vary so you would not get the same size plot on say Camping La Torreta that you would on Camping Almafra but La Torreta has the benefit of being so close to central Benidorm. Campsites in Benidorm offer a long term rate with a discount in place for stays beyond 90 days. Most Campsites work on a 6 month or 12 month payment to receive this long term rate but Camping Raco and Camping La Torreta now work on the basis of a long term discounted daily rate.







Join the Campsite community

Got questions to ask or looking for advice? Join the Benidorm Campsite community with 1,000’s of other like minded people.. Share tips, exchange experiences & meet others who live or are planning to live on one of the many Campsites.






Nearby places of interest


Most of the Campsites are situated in areas where you’ll find a fantastic selection of Benidorm Bars, Restaurants & Transport links. Here are some of our favourites…







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