Benidorm Campsite Site Fees

Campsite Site Fees In Benidorm


Campsite Site Fees in Benidorm vary from site to site. The average price for an annual or long term plot would be around 4,800€ but there are several factors which can affect how the Campsite calculates the long term price. An allowance of electricity is included in the long term price for some of the Campsites so the long term rate can appear higher. The size of the plot can also vary so you would not get the same size plot on say Camping La Torreta that you would on Camping Almafra but Camping La Torreta has the benefit of being so close to central Benidorm. Campsites in Benidorm offer a long term rate with a discount in place for stays beyond 90 days. Most Campsites work on a 6 month or 12 month payment to receive this long term rate but Camping Raco and Camping La Torreta now work on the basis of a long term discounted daily rate.



Camping Almafra Campsite Site Fees

Long Term Site Fees – €4,500.00 Annual*




Camping Benisol Campsite Site Fees

Long Term Site Fees – €3.832,50 – €4.927,50 Annual * (Depending on plot size)




Camping La Torreta Campsite Site Fees

Long Term Site Fees – €5.475,00 Annual*

(365 nights @ €15.00 per night)




Camping Raco Campsite Site Fees

Long Term Site Fees – €5.767,00 Annual*

(365 nights @ €15.80 per night) 2KWH electricity included in the price.




Camping Villamar Campsite Site Fees

Long term Site Fees – €4.849,98 Annual*




*The information on this page is intended to be used as a guide only. Benidorm Caravan Sales cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information or images contained within this page. For full details of annual Campsite site fees and availability of plots on any of the Benidorm Campsites, please contact the Campsite directly on the email address provided.

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