Our Buying & Selling a Used Caravan Guide

When purchasing or selling a privately owned used Caravan in Spain there’s a number of different factors to consider to ensure the sale goes through as smoothly and quickly as possible. Any sale or purchase is based on a mutual agreement and there are a number of steps that both parties should consider to ensure transparency in any agreement.

The steps to consider when buying or selling a privately owned used Caravan in Spain are:

  1. Agree on a price– Make sure the price you agree is based on what the current market dictates. As long as both parties are happy with the final agreed amount the sale will be completed quicker and more efficiently.
  2. Make an itineraryCompile a list (together) of what items are included in the sale. This prevents any disputes at a later stage.
  3. Confirm the site fees/up to date utility bills/ outstanding debt– Both parties should go to the Park reception and request written confirmation of the current site fees (which include the current owners details), plus a breakdown of how the yearly payments should be made. Confirm that all electricity, water and site fees are paid & up to date.
  4. Agree a deposit amount A 10% deposit is usually a sufficient amount to suit both parties. Agree on a method of payment. Once payment has been arranged a receipt should be given by the seller containing details of the Caravan model, serial number, plot number, final amount & deposit amount.
  5. Agree a changeover date– Agree a date to complete the sale and changeover of plot ownership.
  6. Complete the sale– Firstly, the itinerary should be referred back to and checked against the items that were listed. Arrange for the final payment to be made (we’d always advise doing this with both the buyer and seller present-either at the place of sale or in the Park reception at the same time as the changeover of the plot ownership) Change the details of ownership for the plot at the Park reception. A final sales invoice/receipt should be exchanged containing details of the Caravan model, serial number, plot number plus final sale amount paid.

Both parties should ensure that there’s a good level of communication throughout the sale. If any changes arise during the sale process ensure that these are communicated. Failure to do so could jeopardise a sale. Honesty is always the best policy!


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