Residency & Ex Pat Services In Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain

Applying For Spanish Residencia, TIE Cards, NIE & Ex-Pat Services In Benidorm


Making the move to Spain (or any other country) can be a daunting task in itself but factor in another language, changing residencia (residency) requirements and the various scenarios created by Brexit and the whole process becomes overwhelming. This can often put people off making the move but it’s not as complicated if you know the system and speak the language.

We get asked all of the time about the ever changing scenarios since Brexit regarding gaining residency in Spain, Obtaining TIE cards, changing driving licenses etc. and the truth is that we’re not best placed to answer these questions accurately as it’s not our speciality and we don’t want to give out wrong information that can literally change by the day. That said, we still want to help you realise your dream of retiring or living in Spain which is why we’ve teamed up with what we feel is the best company to offer the best and most accurate ex-pat services in our area – PMR.

PMR is a local business and one that we’ve worked with and used ourselves for a number of years. After living in Spain for 9 years we still get overwhelmed with certain aspects of our own personal requirements and PMR are always on hand to guide us.

Jenny is based in the office at PMR and deals with all aspects of ex-pat services. Jenny is English but has lived in Spain for many years. She speaks both English & Spanish so can guide you through each process with 100% accuracy and her wealth of knowlege will help you feel at ease.

Spanish Residencia in Benidorm


Ex-pat Services Offered By PMR:

  • Spanish Residencia applications:

    Jenny will guide you through the whole process of the application and advise on personal requirements to obtain Spanish residency status. This will include obtaining NIE, TIE card, Padron & opening a bank account in Spain.

  • Spanish Healthcare Registrations:

    Jenny will guide you through the registration process for Spanish Healthcare (SIP card).

  • Spanish Driving License: 

    Jenny will guide you through the process of changing your UK driving license for a Spanish driving license and complete relevant applications.

  • UK Number Plate Change:

    Jenny can help with the import of your UK car into Spain.


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