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Park Homes are the ideal solution for those looking for ‘home from home’ feel whilst living in Spain . If you’re looking for the comforts & convenience of living on a caravan Park in Spain but looking for a more permanent home then a Park home is the nearest you’ll get to the bungalow style homes that we know.

Being a double unit, you’ll get a wealth of internal space with ample sized rooms. Park homes are extremely durable and designed with comfort in mind. In fact, the specifications of these park homes generally far exceed what we have ever been accustomed to back in the UK!

If you’ve considered moving to Spain on a permanent basis or buying a property abroad don’t commit to anything until you’ve had a look at a Park Home!

We have Park Homes available throughout Spain & Portugal.

If you’re interested in more information regarding Park Homes In Spain please Contact Us.

Park homes in spain

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