Benidorm’s Fancy Dress Festival has started!

Benidorm’s annual fiestas have just started with non stop FUN from now until Friday!
There is a full and detailed list of OFFICIAL fiesta events available at the tourist offices – but here’s a reminder of the BIGGEST events – ALL of which take place in the ‘Old Town’ – that’s the area between the two main beaches – plus some background info.
What’s it’s all about 🇪🇸
Every town in Spain has its own fiesta days; a few days off for the LOCALS to party, and the celebrations are linked to religion.
Here in Benidorm the fiestas are to honour the statue of ‘Our Lady’ that resides in the church of ‘San Jaime’ on the Headland and the fiestas start the second weekend in November – so this year thats Friday 10th.
Events are centred in the Old Town – the area between the two main beaches- and throughout the days there are religious events, marching bands, parades, noisy fireworks and BEAUTIFUL costumes….
It’s hard to keep up or make sense of most of what’s going on as these are age old traditions…. But it’s lovely to watch, so just grab a seat at a street side cafe in the old town and enjoy the show!
Here’s some of the most popular events of the week;
Tuesday from 7.30pm
Fancy Dress Parade 🥁🎺
This is another ‘biggie’ parade around the streets of old town as the locals compete in fantastic costumes to win a cash prize of 1200 euros!
Wednesday from 6pm
Float Parade 🥁
Another great event, this time the focus is on the magnificent floats and this time the winner receives 1500 euros for 1st place!
Wednesday at 10pm
Firework Display!🎉
Although you’ll here fireworks throughout the week, the BIGGEST are the ‘finale’ fireworks which are set off from the harbour – and the best place to see them is either from a beach front balcony or from the headland between the two beaches.
An image of fireworks in Benidorm
Thursday 16th 
Interestingly, the most FAMOUS event of all, the fancy dress day, takes place AFTER the official fiestas finish, on Thursday 16th from around midday on ‘the strip’ on the Levante side of town.
This is the TOURIST’S chance to dress up and this party now attracts around 50,000 people making it the BIGGEST fancy dress party in Europe… (but you won’t find it on the fiesta programme as it’s not an ‘official’ event… )

🌆🎉Top Tips & Extras! 🎉🌆
Parade times are approximate, so take your scarf as it gets chilly after dark and you don’t want to get the ‘Benidorm Bark!’
There’s a FABULOUS funfair open every evening from 6pm from Friday 10th until Sunday 19th located behind the town hall up by the bull ring.
Greet the Locals! 
A great way to great the locals during fiestas is ‘Felices Fiestas!’ which means ‘Happy Fiestas!’
Have fun folks, stay safe and be respectful of the local’s time to shine!
Michelle x
A big thank you to Michelle from ‘BenidormForever’ for the information. You can follow Michelle on Facebook for daily updates & information about Benidorm by clicking the link below:

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