Benidorm Campsites – Which Is The Best One For You?

We’re extremely fortunate to live in an area that has some of the best Campsites in Spain and they continue to prove ever popular with many British, Dutch & Scandinavians choosing a Benidorm Campsite (Caravan Site) to live on full time or use as a holiday home base.

With 9 Campsites in Benidorm to choose from there’s something on each campsite to suit everyone but choosing the best campsite for you can be difficult if you’ve never visited any of them or you’re still at the point where you’re just looking at the options. With this in mind we’ll give you a run-down of each Benidorm campsite and hopefully help make your decision a little bit easier.

Benidorm Campsites and Caravan Sites in Spain

Camping Almafra

Camping Almafra Campsite is the only 5 star campsite in the Benidorm area. This rating has been give in accordance with the facilities that the campsite offers, the high level of campsite maintenance and the cleanliness of the whole campsite in general. Don’t pay too much attention to the category of ‘campsite’ though! In Spain, a campsite is a generic title given to what we know in the UK as a caravan site or caravan park. This campsite is more of a resort and most similar to what we know of as a Haven Holiday Park in the UK.

Camping Almafra has mainly mobile homes / static caravans with large plots and a mix of long term residents and holiday home owners. “If you ever wondered what it would be like to own a static caravan or mobile home in Spain on a campsite like we have back in the UK, then this is it!”

Camping Almafra Campsite in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain
Camping Almafra Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Almafra is primarily occupied by British ex-pats but also has a small mix of other nationalities that choose this campsite as their home or base.

Camping Almafra is located on the outskirts of Benidorm. The campsite is in an enviable position for access to both holiday resorts of Albir & Benidorm. The campsite is well served by local transport links with the number 10 bus stop a 5 minute walk away and the coastal tram service is directly next to the campsite.

If you’re looking for a 5* Mobile Home Park in Benidorm then Camping Almafra should be top of your list.

Camping Villamar

Is Camping Villamar the most popular campsite in Benidorm? Quite possibly as year after year many Brits have chosen Camping Villamar as the ‘go to’ Benidorm Campsite to live on or buy a holiday home. This is due to the fantastic location and one of the best entertainment programmes of all the Benidorm Campsites.

Camping Villamar is a touring caravan park with mostly touring caravans with fixed awnings and a small selection of fifth wheels. Camping Villamar has a good mix of both residents who live on the campsite all year and holiday home owners who spend the majority of their summer holidays in Spain.

Camping Villamar Campsite in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain
Camping Villamar Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Villamar is 99% occupied by British ex-pats and has a fantastic community spirit.

Camping villamar is located on what is locally referred to as ‘campsite corner‘. This is an area on the outskirts of Benidorm where 4 of the 9 Benidorm campsites are situated. The campsite is close to the resorts of both Benidorm & Albir. The number 10 bus stop is a 5 minute walk away from the main campsite entrance and a car is not necessary to get around.

If you’re looking for one of the best holiday Campsites in Benidorm, Camping Villamar should be high on your list.

Camping Villasol

Camping Villasol Campsite in Benidorm is often overlooked as one of the best equipped campsites in the Benidorm area. Camping Villasol has evolved over the last couple of years to position itself amongst the ‘Camping Resort Elites‘ with fantastic new bungalows in a village style setting.

Year on year Camping villasol improves it’s entertainment programme and offers a year round animation programme for both adults and children.

Camping Villasol Campsite in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain
Camping Villasol Campsite in Benidorm

Camping villasol has a mix of touring caravans and static caravans but where it differs from the others is that the caravan is often attached to a fixed extension rather than an awning. This allows for some fantastic caravan setups and a touring caravan often feels more like a bungalow than a caravan & awning.

Much like its sister campsite – Camping Villamar, the campsite has a strong British ex-pat community but also proves popular with Dutch & Belgians throughout the winter & Spanish clients during the summer.

Camping villasol is perfect if you want to be right in the hub of the central British area of Benidorm. The campsite is located next to the outdoor market and only a shorts stroll to the tourist areas and beaches.

If you’re looking for a well equipped caravan site in a great location for central Benidorm then Camping Villasol would make a great choice.

Camping Raco

Camping Raco Campsite in Benidorm is one of the larger campsites in the area with over 700 plots! The Campsite is well laid out and has great facilities located at the entrance side of the campsite. The on-site shop has gained it’s own reputation as one of the best shops for fresh fruit and veg and is even used by locals (not just campers!) The wash blocks and shower areas have all recently been renovated to a high standard.

Camping Raco Campsite pool with Benidorm backdrop
Camping Raco Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Raco has mostly touring caravans with awnings. The campsite is popular with Brits but as equally with Dutch clients who call this campsite ‘home’ during the winter months. There is always a relaxing atmosphere on Camping Raco and the integration of the different nationalities gives the campsite a more international feel than some of the other Benidorm Campsites.

Camping Raco is another Benidorm Campsite in a great location! The campsite can be found in the Rincon de loix area of Benidorm so is well placed for local bars, restaurants & supermarkets. Situated on the main route into the Levante side of Benidorm, the campsite is close to a number 10 bus stop or for the more adventurous – a leisurely stroll to the Levante beach.

If you’re looking for a relaxed touring caravan campsite with a great mix of ex-pat nationalities then Camping Raco could be for you.

Camping Benisol

Camping Benisol Campsite in Benidorm is one of our smaller campsites but remains a popular choice for Brits looking to make the move. The prices of caravans tend to be a little bit cheaper so it can be an affordable option for those looking to ‘dip their toes‘ into holiday home ownership in Benidorm.

The facilities are good and the newly refurbished pool area is popular for the holiday makers during the summer.

Camping Benisol Campsite in Benidorm
Camping Benisol Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Benisol is mainly touring caravans but also has a small amount of mobile homes and swiss style lodges. Most of the touring caravans on Camping Benisol are well equipped with fixed awnings and in some cases they’ll have an addition to the caravan by way of a conservatory style room. This is generally where the living space and kitchen is installed.

Camping Benisol is a little bit further away from Benidorm than the most of the other Benidorm Campsites but is still on the number 10 bus route. The campsite is situated next to the popular market of El Cisne and has a bus stop directly outside of the campsite so getting around Benidorm, Albir, Altea & L’Alfas del pi is really easy.

If you’re looking for a Benidorm campsite to try out the experience of holiday home ownership with lower risk then Camping Benisol could be the campsite for you.

Camping Armanello

Camping Armanello Campsite in Benidorm is one of the newest campsites in the area. As can be imagined from a new(ish) campsite it has modern facilities and well laid out plots with defined areas for long term and short term stays.

Camping Armanello may not be the first Benidorm campsite you think of but it’s a popular choice for Brits during the winter and extrememly popular with Spanish holiday makers in the summer.

Camping Armanello Campsite in Benidorm
Camping Armanello Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Armanello has mainly touring caravans with most of them situated on the long term plots at the bottom of the campsite. These are set-up in the typical fashion (as seen on the other Benidorm campsite long term plots) – with touring caravan & fixed awning.

Camping Armanello doesn’t have a high turnover of caravan sales which suggests how happy the residents are to be there!”.

Camping Armanello is located on the outskirts of Benidorm (on the main road which takes you from Avenida Mediterraneo to Albir). There’s a cut through from the campsite to the outdoor market area of Benidorm but for those that prefer the Old Town of Benidorm, this campsite is the closest.

If you’re looking for a modern campsite in Benidorm with a small community of ex-pats then Camping Armanello could be the campsite for you.

Camping Benidorm

Camping Benidorm Campsite is the longest established campsite in Benidorm. This campsite has the feel of a residential UK caravan park with a large section of the campsite being mobile homes /static caravans owned by Brits.

The campsite isn’t huge but has all the facilities you’d need. The bar and restaurant at Camping Benidorm has always been popular with both the on-site residents and residents from the surrounding campsites.

Camping Benidorm Campsite in Benidorm
Camping Benidorm Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Benidorm does have some touring caravans with fixed awning but they’re not as popular as the mobile homes. The mobile home plots on Camping Benidorm are above average size plots for this area of Benidorm.

Camping Benidorm is in a great location on ‘Campsite Corner’- right next door to Camping Villamar. Getting around is easy as Camping Benidorm is also not too far from a number 10 bus stop.

If you’re looking for a residential style mobile home park close to Benidorm then Camping Benidorm may be the best option for you.

Camping La Torreta

Camping la Torreta Campsite is the closest campsite to the Levante Beach in Benidorm. A relatively small campsite split into 2 parts by a dividing road which leads from the Rincon side of Benidorm to the outdoor market area.

The campsite has good facilities but if you’d prefer to get out and explore, you’re never to far away from a Benidorm bar or a restaurant.

Camping La Torreta Campsite in Benidorm
Camping La Torreta Campsite in Benidorm

As can be expected from a campsite close to Benidorms Beaches, the campsite is popular with all nationalities but during the winter, the Brits mostly occupy the plots. One side of the road is reserved for touring caravans with awnings and one side has a mix of both touring caravans & mobile homes / static caravans.

Camping La Torreta is situated just behind Benidorm Palace and only a short stroll to either Levante beach or the central British area of Benidorm. As with most of the campsites in this area, the number 10 bus stop is not too far away.

If location is your number 1 priority and you’re looking for the closest campsite to central Benidorm, Camping La Torreta is your campsite.

Camping Arena Blanca

Camping Arena Blanca Campsite is one of the smaller and quieter Campsites in Benidorm and is in a good location for getting into Benidorm. The campsite is one of the 4 campsites that forms the camping hub of Benidorm known as ‘campsite corner‘.

The Campsite has great modern facilities and a lovely relaxed bar overlooking the pool area. Camping Arena Blanca is especially popular with British, Dutch & Belgian retirees.

Camping La Torreta Campsite in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain
Camping La Torreta Campsite in Benidorm

Camping Arena Blanca is occupied by mainly touring caravans with awnings but less fixed options than on some of the other Benidorm Campsites. During the winter you’ll see a regular changeover of winter clients with standard touring units and during the summer, the campsite is popular with spanish holiday makers.

Camping Arena Blanca is perfectly situated on the main campsite road so as you’d expect, a short walk to a bar/restaurant or the Iceland supermarket is never to far away. There is a number 10 bus stop near by so getting around the resort is really easy and a car is not necessary.

If you’re looking for a relaxed campsite close to Benidorm then Camping Arena Blanca might be the campsite for you.

Hopefully, we’ve helped guide you a little bit in making your decision but we would always suggest the best way to find the right Benidorm Campsite for you is to visit the campsite and see how it feels- “when you know…you know“. Compare each campsite, see if it fits your needs and speak to as many people as possible who have been to the campsite or currently live on the campsite.

There’s a Campsite In Benidorm for everyone, it’s just about finding the right one for you”!