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Campsites in Benidorm


Campsites in Benidorm


Benidorm has some of the best campsites in Spain and it’s easy to see why so many people continue to choose Benidorm as their favourite camping destination. Benidorm campsites are a great option for those looking at either a holiday home or for those looking to live on a campsite full time as all Benidorm campsites are open 12 months of the year and cater primarily for British ex-pats. Living on a campsite in Benidorm has become extremely popular over the last 10 years due to the great campsite communities, cheap site fees (by comparison to UK campsites) and of course..SUN!

Benidorm has 9 campsites to choose from and each one offers something different. On campsites such as Camping Villamar & Camping Raco, you’ll find mainly touring caravans with awnings and on campsites such as Camping Almafra and Camping Benidorm you’ll find mainly static caravans and mobile homes.





Camping Almafra is a 5 star camping resort situated in-between Benidorm and Albir. 

Camping Almafra Benidorm Campsite

Camping Almafra Campsite in Benidorm is a perfect choice for those that prefer to be close to not one resort but two! Situated just on the outskirts of both Benidorm and Albir and next to the tram station of L’alfas del pi, Camping Almafra is a great location for exploring the Costa Blanca. Camping Almafra is the only 5 star campsite in the Benidorm area.





Camping Arena Blanca is a quieter campsite, situated the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm. 

Camping Arena Blanca Campsite Benidorm

Camping Arena Blanca Campsite in Benidorm is perfect for those that want to kick back and enjoy a more relaxed way of life in the sun. With many retirees already on site, Camping Arena Blanca would suit those that are are looking for a Benidorm campsite with a smaller community and great proximity to Benidorm.





Camping Armanello is a modern campsite, situated close to central Benidorm. 

Benidorm Campsite Camping Armanello

Camping Armanello Campsite in Benidorm is one of the newest campsites to be built in the Benidorm area and takes a modern approach to both it’s camping experience and campsite facilities. Camping Armanello can be a lively campsite during the summer months due to it’s proximity to central Benidorm but very much low key during the winter months, with many ex-pats choosing this campsite as their base.





Camping Benidorm is a well established campsite with a fantastic bar, situated in the area of Benidorm known locally as ‘Campsite Corner’. 

Campsite In Benidorm Camping Benidorm

Camping Benidorm Campsite in Benidorm is one of the original Benidorm campsites. Over the last few year Camping Benidorm has become famed for it’s on-site bar area which boasts regular live music days and a weekly market. Camping Benidorm is mostly occupied by mobile homes, making it a great place for permanent living. Camping Benidorm occupies a fantastic position on ‘Campsite Corner’, in-between the campsites of Camping Villamar and Camping Arena Blanca.





Camping Benisol is a great campsite with fantastic pool area, situated close to the famous El Cisne market in Benidorm. 

Benidorm Campsite Campsing Benisol

Camping Benisol Campsite in Benidorm is a great choice for those that don’t want to be directly in the hub of Benidorm but close enough should you want to venture out. Situated en-route (with close transport links) to the towns of Albir, Altea & L’alfas del pi the campsite would be ideal for those that like to get out and explore.





Camping La Torreta is a small campsite situated closest to the Levante beach area of Benidorm. 

Benidorm Campsite Camping La Torreta

Camping La Torreta Campsite in Benidorm is a great campsite for tourers, larger caravans and fifth wheels. Situated just behind Benidorm Palace and Benidorm Circus, the campsite has become popular for those that want to be closer to the action and all that Benidorm has to offer. Camping La Torreta is one of the smaller campsites in Benidorm but some people prefer this as you’ll find a more personal camping experience and close campsite community.





Camping Raco is one of the largest campsites in Benidorm with a unique mix of both British and Dutch ex-pats.

Benidorm Campsite Camping Raco

Camping Raco Campsite in Benidorm is a huge touring caravan campsite, situated in the Rincon de loix area of Benidorm. This area is especially popular with British ex-pats due to the large number of British bars and restaurants on the doorstep of the campsite. Camping Raco has superb facilities and an on-site camping shop, regarded as one of the best places to buy groceries in the area.





Camping Villamar is probably the most well known of all the Benidorm campsites. 

Benidorm Campsite Camping Villamar

Camping Villamar Campsite in Benidorm set the benchmark when it came to year round living on a campsite in Benidorm. A stunning outdoor pool area combined with a popular campsite clubhouse makes Camping Villamar the first choice for many ex-pats looking at a Spanish campsite to place their caravans. Occupied primarily by British ex-pats, Camping Villamar has grown over the years to accomodate its popularity and now sees it stand side by side with Camping Raco as one of the largest campsites in Benidorm.





Camping Villasol is a camping resort in Benidorm with a fantastic pool area and only 5 minutes walk to the British area of Benidorm.

Benidorm Campsite Camping Villasol

Camping Villasol Campsite in Benidorm has undergone a change of identity in recent years and is now more commonly known as Camping Villasol Camping Resort. This campsite has the perfect blend of both long term stays and holiday makers which would make it an ideal campsite to choose for those that still enjoy the campsite vibe of the summer coupled with a low key winter season. Camping Villasol has a year round entertainment programme and is only a short stroll from the British area of Benidorm (for those that like to get involved in the Benidorm nightlife!).







Benidorm Weather

All of the Benidorm campsites are open 12 months of the year and suprisingly (or not) winter is usually our busiest period as this is when we see many of the long term residents come back for the cooler months of the year. We’re fortunate to have our very own ‘micro climate’, with over 300 days of sunshine each year!

Location of Benidorm Campsites

Most of the campsites in Benidorm are situated in an area most commonly known amongst the locals as ‘Campsite Corner’. Campsite Corner can be found in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm (which is an area especially popular for British ex-pats), with plenty of British owned bars & restaurants, aswell as the ever popular Iceland British supermarket. The location of all Benidorm campsites can be viewed here.

Campsite Site Fees

Campsite site fees in Benidorm can cost much less than a campsite in the UK with equivalent facilities (and you can use the caravan all year round!) With a favourable exchange rate, the yearly site fees can cost as little as £4,000 per year and are inclusive of water and UKTV connection on most of the campsites. The only additions would be use of gas and electricity with electric use charged on a meter basis at approximately 0.39 – 0.45€ per kw and gas provided by the bottle at approximately 16€ per bottle. Site fees on each Benidorm campsite differ due to varying factors such as plot size, annual discount terms and whether or not an amount of electricity is included in the price. As an example: Camping Almafra Campsite site fees are 4,500.00€ annually but they don’t include an allowance of electricity. Camping Raco Campsite on the other hand charge a daily price (to be paid monthly) at 5,767.00€ with a 2kw allowance of electricity. All Campsite site fees for campsites in Benidorm can be viewed here.

Campsite Facilites

Benidorm campsite facilities are second to none and you’ll find that most Benidorm campsites have an indoor and outdoor pool, supermarket, hairdressers, childrens playground and most importantly – a clubhouse or bar area for enjoying those lazy afternoons!. Most of the campsites in the Benidorm area cater primarily for British ex-pats which means that it’s not uncommon to find your favourite British foods served daily in the campsite clubhouse along with your favourite pint served for less than 2.00€ at happy hour. Add in the nightly entertainment and various animation programmes offered by each campsite and you’ve got the perfect summer holiday or winter getaway in a resort which never sleeps! 

Getting around

A car is not necessary for getting around as Benidorm, Albir, Altea and L’alfas del pi are served by one of the best bus services on the whole of the Costa Blanca! The number 10 bus is every 15 minutes and passes by each of the Benidorm campsites. The cost of the service is just 1.50€ per journey (regardless of the length of journey). Venturing further afield we also have a coastal tram service which covers the coastal resorts from Alicante to Denia. This service runs every hour with various stops in Benidorm, Albir, Altea and L’alfas del pi. Camping Almafra is in the enviable position of being situated right next to the tram stop plus also being on the number 10 bus route. 

Which Benidorm campsite is the best?

That’s a tough question and not one that can be answered lightheartedly. Benidorm has some of the best campsites in Spain and each one will suit each person differently. Benidorm is such a diverse place and Benidorm Campsites inevitably follow that same path. All Benidorm campsites have their own identity and the only real way of finding the campsite that suits your needs best is to try them. Everyone who lives or holidays on a campsite in Benidorm will have a different reason for doing so and we like to hear feedback to help others make their choice. Join our Benidorm Campsite Reviews page and Benidorm Campsites Forum to find out what others are saying about campsites in Benidorm.