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We understand that selling your caravan can be quite a stressful time so we’ve kept the process for adding your sale to the website as straightforward as possible. Simply fill out the listing form with your caravan details and email us your images separately. Your advert will stay on the website until it’s sold and all we want in return is for you to recommend us to all of your friends!

Your free listing includes:

  • Up to 12 images
  • Your sale advertised throughout the website
  • Your sale sent out by newsletter
  • Your sale advertised throughout social media on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram & Pinterest
  • Your own unique description of your sale
  • Your own unique web-page with Google maps locator
  • Direct contact from the buyer

How it works

In 5 simple steps:

  1. Fill out the listing form below
  2. Send us your images seperately
  3. Await confirmation of your Advert upload
  4. Keep a check on your emails and respond to interested buyers
  5. Let us know when it’s sold!

How to get upgraded to a ✪Featured listing free of charge

When you submit your listing we’ll give you a unique referral code to pass on to your friends. Once we receive a new listing with the unique referral code added to the listing form, we’ll automatically upgrade your listing plus your friends listing to a featured listing.

tips for creating your best advert

Detailed description

This is your chance to tell everyone how great your caravan is. Include as much detail as possible and make sure you include stand out features. Include details such as campsite site fees and associated costs.

Great photos

Nothing will affect your chances of getting your sale more than using poor quality images. Take sharp photos in landscape mode with good daylight and with interior lights turned on.

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Additional Options

leave it to the experts..

If you don’t want the hassle of taking photos or you’d like professional photographs of your sale, leave it to the experts! We work with a local photographer who has given us great prices for our clients. They will visit you at your caravan, take professional pictures, write a great sales description and can even produce a walk-around video of your caravan to create a real eye catching advert.

All adverts produced by our photographer will be upgraded to a Featured listing.



Professional pictures

Write your sales description

Create your advert

Upload your advert

Photography + Video


Professional pictures

Create your video

Write your sales description

Upload your video to social media channels & Youtube

Create your advert

Upload your advert

If you’re interested in either of these options, please contact us to find out more.