Benidorm Caravan Sales was an idea that came about a few years back, sitting in the UK, looking online to purchase a Holiday Caravan in Benidorm. We were considering purchasing a Caravan on a Benidorm Caravan Park but were underwhelmed by the information and choices that were available to view online. If you could find a Caravan that you were interested in, the chances were- it was either no longer available due to inaccurate information or lacked the information and support that we needed to make a decision.

We decided that same year that the time was right for us to move to Spain permanently rather than buy a holiday home. We lived in a villa on the outskirts of Benidorm but still craved the holiday home that we had always wanted. The great thing with the Caravan and Camping sites in Benidorm are the communities of Ex-pats-something that you can’t replicate anywhere else!

After visiting every Caravan site in Benidorm (we have a few!) and viewing an overwhelming amount of caravans for sale, we came to realise that there were more Caravans for sale than we’d ever imagined (but none that we’d seen online). After talking with various sellers we realised it was as simple as them not having a place that they could afford-ably advertise their Caravans. Soon after, Benidorm Caravan Sales was born.

Benidorm Caravan Sales is primarily a Free listings website for caravans for sale in Benidorm. The Free listings service is something that provides anyone looking to showcase their Caravan for sale in the Benidorm area with a great opportunity to target a larger audience outside of their own campsite. We advertise our website across a number of radio, paper media and social media channels in Spain and the UK and we estimate our weekly reach to be close to 30,000. We also have a large database of people looking to purchase a Caravan both in Spain and the UK.

Our website provides anyone looking to make a purchase an easy to use, up-to date website and the relevant support should they choose to make a purchase.

Over the last few months we have included a number of other Caravan services alongside our free listings service, such as Caravan cleaning services, Caravan repairs and maintenance and Caravan rental management. We’ve also added a selection of  Park Homes, Chalets, Mobile Homes, Fifth Wheelers & brand new Static Caravans.

Having lived in Benidorm for a number of years, owning our own holiday Caravan in Benidorm and spending time around all of the major campsites in Benidorm we’ve built a large portfolio of Caravan sales and Caravan rentals which change on a daily basis.

Caravans sell fast in this area of the Spain! If you’d like to be the first to hear of any new Caravans to come on to the market sign up to our email service or follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

We’re here to help-If you’ve got any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Best regards, Gavin






BenidormCaravanSales: Based In Benidorm on the Costa Blanca we are your one stop Caravan Website for everything related to Caravan sales, Caravan rentals, Caravan repairs and maintenance in Benidorm, Costa Blanca, Spain. 

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